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When we begin to fall in love, dreaming becomes such an inevitable task. “Happily ever after” may seem cliché, but it really does happen. Yes, like an impeccable dream that in a just a snap, everything becomes magical!
The Daydreamer Studios represents a young sought-after photographer who dreams with eyes wide-opened. She envisions love like a flower that blooms in its spectacular form, glowing with a vast amount of sunlight illuminating the world.
These beautiful thoughts are products of engaging oneself in constant reverie, a sense of wander, a pleasant daydream.

It’s such a privilege to work with the most passionate suppliers who share the same vision of love and wedding.

We have Moki Gray’s flowers and styling inspired by nature, art, and poetry which made the editorial enchanting and perfectly dreamy. Paradox Films is another artist who brings masterpieces to life full of admiration of what creativity really means. Our bridal couturier, Ivory and White, gives a great emphasis of one’s character and personality with its gorgeous sets of gown.
Completing this wanderer’s perspective is Ish Sison make-up whose artistry in making our model look romantic and astonishing together with Wheng Divah’s lovely outlandish hairstyling.

Indubitably, all these manifest the things we love doing intensely. Our thoughts and love for the craft is what bound us and brought us to become what we are today.

As if the world is filled with hopes and reveries~

Love and Reverie, a pre-wedding editorial shoot photographed by The Daydreamer Studios.

Photography: The Daydreamer Studios

Cinematography: Paradox Films

Styling/Flowers: Moki Gray

Gown: Ivory and White Bridal

Make UP: Ish Sison Make UP Artisty

Hairstylist: Wheng Divah